Script Update MTA:RP v3.6.2 (Patch 1)


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MTA:RP v3.6.2 (Patch 1) Script Update

Just wanted to give everyone a mid month update the newest changes we've made to the server. As well as starting to give credit for those who did them:

Mid April Update:

Fixed the "Welcome to our Business" showing on houses in the Interior System - Overload
Fixed a bug preventing spray tags from working - Overload
Restored use of old Stat Transfer System - Overload
Admin's Creating vehicles now bills the buyers Bank account, rather than in hand money - Overload
Fixed non working function /stopticket and /resumeticket for PD - Dev

Coinminer power bills now pull from Bank Account, So there is no need to have cash on hand - Overload
Implemented new restrictions for Firearm Purchase Permits (see This Thread) - Overload
Added Bitcoin Wallet address to /btcbalance - Overload
Added more commands in addition to /btcbalance (/btc & /btcwallet) - Overload
Added /resetminerpassword for Admins to help with Mining Terminals - Overload
When an interior is toggled, It will automatically untoggle after 90 days if not untoggled before - Overload
New Commands /banlicense and /unbanlicense for admins to ban players from Weapons Licenses - Overload
Created instructional video (here) on how to use bitcoin mining - Overload

This is just a small taste of what is to come. We are always looking to further the server, but we must prioritize bug fixes first. We still have some things in the works, But we will talk more about those in the next update!