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San Andreas Network is a broadcasting company specializing in finding and
covering breaking news stories in the Los Santos area and surrounding cities, In addition
to seeking the best news possible we also work in advertising small & large businesses, publish weekly reports, and air TV shows. If you are a citizen needing to know whats going on around you or a business trying get known, San Andreas Network Is Here For You.



SAN News is a division of San Andreas Network, dedicated to bring the population of Los Santos and the surrounding cities the latest breaking news coverage. We have a talented team of Reporters, Anchor Men and Women, Make sure to check out our website ((News Articles Sub-Forum)) for the latest articles from our talented Journalists.


If you seek a job here at San Andreas Network as a Reporter, Journalist, Anchorman, or Security Guard you can apply at our website (( and it will be reviewed in the next 72 hours. We pay our employee's top of the line paychecks, including healthcare that lasts for all the time you work here at SAN.​