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    Hello MTA Roleplay Community!

    As most of you are aware, MTA Roleplay has had a long, varying past with tons of memories made throughout the time dating back since 2012.

    As of right now, we are not sure if Multi Theft Auto as a platform will be evolving into the new GTA Trilogy, however, it did spark interest in some, and we wanted to reiterate that interest and help bring our old timers back, and maybe attract a new crowd, too.

    Throughout the years, money, stats, and all forms of ownerships became simply a number and there was no longer a grind for players to work for, thus, most lost interest over the years. We've decided we're going to fix that, and here is how:

    We've performed a cleanup, much more in-depth and thorough than the simple scheduled cleanup that was frequently performed.

    Properties have been force sold from characters whom have not logged onto the server in 14 days (with a minimum of 5 hours during that time), same conditions apply for all of the vehicles. Rather than simply being impounded, they have been removed from the server. This should go without saying all rented vehicles are returned now, too. We've removed a handful of over-crowded custom and public mappings to allow both new, and returning members an opportunity to seize and customize properties as they wish. Characters that have not been logged into within the last 2 years have been removed from the server to create more options when creating a new character. Being the server has been around since 2012, there were over 58,000 names that were purged from the server. With this, however, all characters left were reset fresh, and unCKed (if applicable). The new starting amount of money is $25,000 in the bank, and the base of $250 on-hand. This should reduce the amount of work required when you start off meanwhile creating the ability to get a starter car, apartment, and some furnishings.

    All factions as of right now will be starting fresh, with opportunities available across the board for faction-leadership. Our staff team temporarily will remain close-knit, as we are focused on rebuilding the server we all have come to love and know so well. This being said, staff applications are not open at this time, and we do not have an ETA of when they will be open. All former staff have been removed (it's nothing personal, promise) as well as all Roleplay + members.

    MTA Senior Administration
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