Official Faction Corruption Rules

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Faction Corruption Rules

These Faction Corruption Rules will serve as the updated guidelines for all faction corruption.

Government & Legal Factions

Level 1 - Permitted Corruption (Punishable IC)
- Minor Traffic Violations
- Minor Speeding
- No Seatbelt
- Not Stopping At An Intersection
- Texting/Calling While Driving
- Possessing and Using Drugs for Personal Use
- Harvesting Cannabis
- Verbal Threats (No Physical Aggression)
- Non-Aggressive Interrogations

Level 2 - Corruption Which Requires Admin Approval (Punishable OOC & IC)
- Attempted Murder & Murder
- Kidnapping
- Selling & Distributing Drugs
- Planting Drugs
- Staging Scenes For Personal Gain
- Aggressive Interrogations
- Assault & Battery
- Larceny
- Arson
- Acts of Violence
- Evasion

Anything that is Level 2 Corruption MUST have Head Admin+ approval prior to performing any acts listed.
If you are unsure of whether it falls in Level 1 or 2, ask prior, as you may be punished without warning.

This list may change as time goes on. Any update will be posted below.
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