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So... Where should I start? I think it was around 2014, where I found a friend of mine playing Derby MTA. I started to enjoy it, and when I got home I downloaded MTA to my PC.
It was days since I found myself playing in roleplay server. It just happened that it was MTA:RP. When I first joined I had no idea how roleplaying works or anything at all, it just seemed cool to me to play "real-life".
First days roleplaying were really harsh, I read every guide, every section about roleplaying but it still wasn't enough. I got jailed multiple times. I remember I started of as a Delivery Driver, drove many hours etc.
Finally I met a player called Cali4Life. He started teaching my RP through RP. I was with him when he roleplayed with many other and pretty much tried to follow everything he did. When I started learning I started to really like it.
Cali wasn't the only one. There was also Kyro, Stupid, Tor, Kdog, Bunny, Beatty. Through Beatty I learned that you can't get anything in RP with crying. And money doesn't grow on trees. So I busted my ass off to get my first million.
I'm sure I'm forgetting someone, but thanks to these players I'm here, in front of you now. These were my first days in RP.

After that I only played MTA:RP for about 2-3 years, when I first quitted etc. I started looking for something better. I tried alot of different types, but still MTA:RP was the one. After every quit, I came back. I just couldn't leave it.
I have been admin before, but never the manager. It's my first rodeo and I will do everything in my power to restore this server where it was. I want this server to be fun place, where people come after school/work to have fun.

In real-life I like to play football, computer games at all. CS:GO and MTA are 2 games that I play mostly right now. With friends also LoL or PUBG. I have also just finished my army service, which has been hard 11 months.

In the end I would mention that I answer every request ASAP. If anyone has any questions to me, feel free to PM them to me or ask me directly through Discord.

P.S I'm not native english speaker, so I do have my flaws. Don't judge pls.

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Using Comic Sans as a body font :c jk xD Ahoi!


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Great introduction. Excited to see what you'll be bringing to the community!


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