Its that time of year again!

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    Christmas is upon us again!
    Every year we tend to go all out. This year will be no different.

    During December 24th and 25th we will host several In game events for those in game. There will be no other notification of an event starting than in game. so you'll need to be in game to participate!
    We will also offer a bonus cash on payday during those days, to show loyalty to those who are with us instead of with their families.
    Effective today, We will host a x2 donation sale, and it will last until midnight 12/26/21. During this sale, Admins will get x4, RP Plus will get x2.5.

    Tis the season!
    In the meantime, Enjoy the new snow plow job, that resets every 4 hours! You can get this at city hall and make some serious bank while keeping the streets clean.
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