In-Game Nametag Color Legend

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Here's a brief explanation of the in game nametag colors.

Player Ranks:
  • White - normal player. All players start with this color
  • Brown - donators of any amount receive a brown name tag. In order to retain the Nametag you must have a minimum of 5 vPoints or 5 VIP at all times. This nametag is also purchasable on F7 for when you completely run out of points, you can keep it.
  • Dark Brown - VIP donators will hold this nametag color when they donate $100 or more. The nametag will be lost when their vPoint balance falls below 300.

Staff Ranks:
This only applies to when on admin duty
  • Yellow- Administrator, Super Administrator
  • Light Orange Lead Administrator, Head Administrator
  • Red - Server Supervisor, Server Helper, Owner

Roleplay + and Legend will show tags under the players name when interacting with them, respectively.

Hopefully this will help to better explain all the colors on our scoreboard. We will update this list accordingly if we ever add/remove any colors.

-MTA:RP Administration
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