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    It's interesting to see you guys posting about your lives and where you ended up, so I thought why not share my story as well.

    After finishing high school, I got into the military as a military pilot cadet. In Croatia, it's a bit complicated to become a military pilot; you have to go to college and finish as a Civil pilot, but you have the whole military scheme alongside college so it's pretty tough. Long story short, it's last year before I get a bachelor's degree and start flying again, all is fine and dandy until I suffered from sudden hearing loss. No longer am I medically fit for a military pilot. My whole future was thrown out the window because the doctors didn't respond the way they should have when I came to them. After a year of unsuccessful healing, I decided to give up since I believe there is no possible way to get my hearing back and for tinnitus to go away.

    On the bright side, while I was trying to heal I got hired as a junior developer which is going great for me right now, and I really enjoy it. I'm working from home whenever I want to, and I got a great team to work with. We're developing a mobile application in Object Pascal, which is a language I never thought I'd learn lol.

    To be honest, I'm actually happy that it turned out this way, I'm doing something that's my hobby and passion, plus I get to finish college and become a non-flying pilot lol... I'll get a degree though, and that means a lot here in Croatia, even though it's not related to my job's profession.

    I had a need to share my story here for some reason, and despite all the stupidity and non-sense that happened within this community I would still love to see it active and filled like it once was. Thanks for reading!
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    After all the ups and downs am glad to see things turned out great in the end. Thanks for sharing part of your life that none of us would of known.
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    Bless up

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