Business License Request - The Steak house & Xoomer Market


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"Our City, Our Future"
City Licensing Department
Business License Request

Applicant Personal Details​

Full Name: Tony Elrod
Cellphone Number: 300200
Age: 30
Personal Address: Palin St, Vinewood Hills, D'a Mansion((1490))
Copy of ID:

Request Details​

Type of Business License (Check Multiple):
[ X ] General Trading (Price $2,000)
[ X ] Liquor (Price $5,000)
[ ] Vehicle Dealership (Price $8,000)
[ X ] Food (Price $2,000)
[ ] Cannabis Distribution (Price $15,000)
Describe Your Business Service(s): Short or Long Answer here
Business Name: The Steak House & Xoomer Market
Structure Description (Check ONE or TWO): [ X ] Interior or [ ] Exterior
Location of Business Head Office or Shop: El Corona, Gates St.((4486 & 2243))
Pictures of Business Head Office or Shop:
Proof Of $2,000 Application Fee Payment:

Terms & Conditions​

I, Tony Elrod accept that the above information is filled out and submitted truthfully. I also acknowledge that there will be legal consequences if the above information is not submitted truthfully. I also recognize that The Government of The City of of Los Santos reserves the right to accept, decline or set my request as pending according to The City's Licensing Department discretion solely.

Signed Date: 30.03.2022
Signed Location: Richman, Los Santos
Signed By: Tony Elrod


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"Our City, Our Future"
City Licensing Department

Application Response​

Dear Mr. Elrod,

Your application has been set to PENDING. Please contact #111 to schedule an appointment with a City Licensing Department Official to inspect your property, for your business license request. Failure to do so within two weeks will result in your application to be automatically denied.

Please be sure to have the following installed in your business property before inspection:

• A sprinkler system in all rooms.
• A Fire Extinguisher in every room.
• A Fire Alarm in the property.
• A Carbon monoxide detector in each room.
• A First Aid Kit on the premise.
• A designated escape route that's easily
accessible (can be your main entrance too).

Kind Regards,

D. Ferguson
Government of Los Santos