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The Permit to Purchase a Firearm is the license that gives a character the ability to purchase from Ammu-Nation NPCs. There is a limit of 10 weapons before a person must renew their PF by re-applying.

OOC Requirements:
- Characters must have at least 25 hours before applying for a PF.
- Applicants must have no extensive recent record of deathmatching on any of their characters.
- Characters in an illegal faction will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Illegal faction members will only be accepted if administration sees appropriate IC reason why the character would want a legal weapon as apposed to an illegal one.
- Alt-alting, deathmatch, first resort, and other weapon related admin punishments may be extended if committed with a PF weapon.

PF HOLDERS must have a valid LOS SANTOS COUNTY address as their primary residence. It will be assumed that the address used in the application process is the applicant's primary residence. This is where they will be expected to store their firearms securely. If a PF holder is changing their address and moving their firearms, they must notify Marshal Services BEFOREHAND. PF HOLDERS MAY BE SUBJECT TO RANDOM CHECKS BY MARSHALS AT THEIR RESIDENCE TO ENSURE SECURE AND PROPER STORAGE. Failure to meet basic secure storage requirements (gun safe in non-frequented room) will result in instant revocation.
-PF HOLDERS are REQUIRED to report their purchased weapons to the Firearms Registry. Failure to register purchased weapons may result in permit revocation and further criminal charges.

- PF HOLDERS may only carry their weapons in an OPEN HOLSTER on their OWN PROPERTY. They are NOT allowed to carry their weapons under any other circumstances. PF holders caught carrying their weapons on their person, in their vehicle, or otherwise taking their weapons outside of their residence, will be subject to revocation and possible further criminal charges. PF Holders MAY ONLY carry their weapon off their property, open or concealed, if they obtain a Permit to Carry a Concealed Weapon.
- PF APPLICANTS may not have any violent crime history within the last 10 YEARS. Any applicants that fail to meet this requirement will be instantly denied.
- PF HOLDERS may not sell, give away, loan, or otherwise transfer ownership of their firearms to non-PF holders. Firearms may be transferred between active PF holders, but Marshal Servuces must be notified of the transaction, and the original owner must submit a $750 registry transfer fee. PF holders found transferring firearms to non-PF holders will be subject to instant revocation, aswell as any other criminal charges that may apply.

Applicants and holders will be notified when they must submit the following fees. The fees MUST be paid via secure bank transfer to First Court of San Andreas. Applicants will be required to provide screenshot proof of payment. THE SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS SURROUNDING CCWs can be found in a separate section of the application site.


- ISSUING FEE: $1500

PF APPLICANTS may choose to also apply for a Permit to Carry a Concealed Weapon at the same time, if they believe they qualify. PF APPLICANTS that choose this route will be subject to all associated terms and fees, along with the additional required terms and fees of the CCW Permit.

Please post applications in the 'Weapons Permit Request' section with the following format: "Firstname Lastname - PF (/CCW) Application"
Full Name:
Marital Status:
Home Address:
Mailing Address (if different):
Home Phone Number:
Mobile Phone Number:

Do you possess a San Andreas Motor Vehicle license?:

Have you, at any point, been arrested, detained or had a mark on your police record?:

If so, explain:

  • Incident 1
  • Incident 2
For what do you plan on using your license for (select all that apply):
[ ] Home Defense
[ ] Self Defense
[ ] Sports (Marksmanship / Hunting)
[ ] Work Related
If so,
What or Who is your employer?
Are you also applying for a CCW Permit?: [ ] Yes [ ] No

Theory Test:
1. While you are sleeping, you wake up to noises in your home. The noises are indicative that someone has broken in and is ransacking your home for valuables. Describe, in detail, how you would handle this situation if you had a Permit to Purchase a Firearm:
answer here 2. As you're arriving home from work, you hear a loud commotion at your neighbors home. Screaming, shouting, violent clanging and banging indicate there is likely fowl play at hand. As you're trying to see what's happening, you can see that one of your neighbors has a gun and is pointing it at their spouse. Describe, in detail, how you would handle this situation if you had a Permit to Purchase a Firearm.
1. You are going about your daily business, walking down the sidewalk with your concealed weapon, when you see a man hop out of a vehicle and begin shooting at another vehicle. He has a submachine gun, and is yelling something in a foreign language. Describe, in detail, what you would do if you had a Permit to Carry a Concealed Weapon. answer here 2. You're coming off the interstate when a black Sultan cuts you off and sideswipes you, causing you to lose control and go off the road. He pulls over, claiming that you caused extensive damage to his vehicle and are going to have to pay for it. He seems irate and is quickly growing more aggressive, and you begin to worry for your safety. Describe, in detail, what you would do if you had a Permit to Carry a Concealed Weapon.
answer here
By signing, you agree to the ((IC AND OOC)) terms of the Permit to Purchase a Firearm and/or Permit to Carry a Concealed Weapon, and understand that violation of these terms will result in permit revocation and may result in criminal charges.
Sign here.
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