Application for Mechanics Job

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Mechanic Application

Please copy the below format and post a new thread here. Please title your new thread: Your Name - Mechanic Application

Fill out the application to the best of your ability and provide as much evidence and logs as possible. We can tell when you put five minutes into an application or if you put twenty, the mechanics job is important to the server and easily abusable, therefor we will only accept highly qualified people.

[B]Full Name[/B]:
[B]Experience[/b] [i](state any experince)[/i]:
[B]Do you have any pictures or videos proving that you have experience?[/B]:

[B]Please provide pictures of your garage/workplace for your mechanic work[/B]:

[B]Please provide picture of your tools[/B]:

[B]Are you a member of Hex Tow 'N Go?[/B]:


[B]Provide logs of Roleplay situations you have conducted or been a part of[/B]:

By submitting your application, you declare that all given information is true, and you accept that failure to follow the rules will result in a punishment.
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