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  • 1. Being with you in Red Dragons.
    2. Paying for your name change as a thanks for the memories :D
    I can't remember much RP, but I remember when I joined this server, my first faction were Red Dragons or smth like that, you were there aswell. That's where I remember you lol. :)
    Keep in mind, my car was out of fuel no more than 5 meter from the gas pumps and I asked Ryo to push me
    I remember the day that I forgot fuel cans were a thing and Ryo 2 kindly reminded me icly what they were, how they work and why we use them :)
    I have a little game I want to play. If any of you remember any RP's that you did with Ryota Tachibana 1 or Ryota Tachibana II, comment the details of that RP here and lets see if I remember any of them. ;)
    R.I.P. RP life, nobody ever online to RP with anymore. ;~; so sad. Yea I know the playerbase is rising. That don't mean I magically have people to RP with.
    It been guud. I been semi-active. Not full time yet. Nobody online besides cops when i'm online. Nobody to drive/drift with cuz of it. So me haven't been on as much lately.
    Damn, nearly forgot about dis shet. I gotta get mah PC on da netz and get awnlien again. Got occupied selling kur irl and buyin shet. Wops. I be bak in-game soon guis aight? prolly liek tomorrow or sumtin. Jus sayin. :D *cough* (sent from homeschool PC wif no games)
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