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  • I never paid for admin I donated after I got accepted, you're just a l***ife hater who has nothing better to do but shit on other people when you're the only loser here, why don't you fucking actually play MTA:RP instead of criticizing how LSES works and insulting other players, KYS.
    Yes and I understand, will be changing it soon (some people were kicked resigned such as mylene). It was the other HC who were "suspending" people
    Well, i've been in there for 3 weeks now, and didn't get training... Tried to contact HC's, but meh', i'll join them again if i get some more time
    Commissioner's name is Deandre Jackson (DON't USE THIS to MG [well you probably won't mg ;)]) and you can speak with him about it.
    Well kinda, quite busy with life and am not the most active. BUT I am still hc (Deputy Commissioner-although i'd consider myself honourary) Welcome back mate!
    No idea what was up back then, one of the things I remember was that I was trying to find a way to turn the ambulance colours to white and blue...Um, okay.
    I don't know. That's what we used to talk about. I was at high school back then, all stressed up and aggressive. I might not remember that well. It's been three years though, after a rage I had on you, and you end up leaving for a small period the ES, you became a government employee, working on making connections for the government factions in order to cooporate better, and such. Then I gave up as well to study for my finals, and 2-3 months before my finals Chuevo on facebook told me that ES split in FD and EMS, that there was no chief and he couldn't take over because he was running LSIA. Do you remember anything of these?

    We had some good moments though, when you were the Chief and I think that I was your deputy chief, If I still don't remember right I was a med captain or a med lieutenant when you were Chief of ES at 2010. We also had a norwegian, a...Benjamin - was his name I think - who passed away from lung cancer at his 22s. Am I right?

    And, are you Canadian?
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