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Thread: [AUCTION] - Extremely secure steel gated compound.

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    [AUCTION] - Extremely secure steel gated compound.


    Starting Price: $2,000,000
    Buyout: $15,000,000

    Auction Information / Item description:
    - 8 Feet thick steel armored walls.
    - 5 Inches thick steel armored gate (/gate).
    - View over west coast of SA.
    - 3 Inches thick steel door for cabin (/gate).
    - 5 Inches thick steel garage door (/gate).
    - 3 Parked up motor homes.
    - Helipad.
    - Bird watching tower.
    - Fully maintained water tower/pump.
    - Fully maintained DC/AC gas generators.
    - Completely of the grid / doesn't use government services.

    Auction ending time: 3/29/2020

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    Re: [AUCTION] - Extremely secure steel gated compound.


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    Re: [AUCTION] - Extremely secure steel gated compound.

    Name: Deerhunter0404
    Bid: $2,000,000
    Contact: 605205

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