Connor Stone, Stone Law Firm Founder to step down amid Stone Industries on the incline

We stepped in to ask some questions, and here is the message we got in return:

The Message from Connor Stone:

It's been a good run, really. I've done a lot, and have helped many, many civilians get out of a murky situation, sometimes filled with corruption from the law's side of it. The legal system is broken, but I feel fortunate it has worked with me for all of my cases. Being persistent is important, and so is following through with your word. This is for all of those people out there looking into law but don't know where to start.

I created the Stone Law Firm because I've seen so many people get into deep trouble for something they didn't do, simply because they had no attorney. Some couldn't afford one. It's important to know your clients and work around their budget and what they can afford. I've done multiple free cases, simply because I'm dedicated to making sure that everyone is treated fairly and legal justice is given to those whom deserve it. I'm most proud of our recent case against the Los Santos Police Department because the justice system saw the wrong doing clear as day where the leaders of the department did not, even to the extent of making excuses for the Officer involved. This needs to change and I am hopeful without a doubt that case made an impact.

I'm stepping down because my other company, Stone Industries, is really soaking up a lot of my time and being I have residents involved I prioritize it over being on-call for my attorney duties, hence why I haven't picked up any cases as of lately.

We asked one more question, the most important one.. "Will you ever return as an attorney for San Andreas?"

Honestly.. it's hard to give a flat out answer. Everything is contingent on how everything plays out, especially with the Towers having a plan for remodel, my time is going to be very consumed by that. I'd love to say yes, but right now.. it's a no.

I don't want to discourage people, though.. because I fear we will be back to square one where there is no legal advice or help. My hope is I inspire people to step forward for those who have always wanted to be an attorney, do it!