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Thread: Suggestion - New item system

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    Suggestion - New item system

    New Suggestion/Idea

    What does it affect?
    Tick all that apply
    [X] MTA:RP Gameplay
    [ ] User Interface
    [ ] MTA:RP Forums
    [ ] UCP
    [ ] Only MTA:RP Staff (Administration Tools)
    [ ] Other _______________

    Please provide a brief summary of your Suggestion/Idea
    Basically just create a new item system. Which allows staff to spawn items by using their object ID. Placing the item will display the physical item related to the item id (as on map editor).

    - Avoid wasting time on map editor.
    - Allow players to RP importing items.
    - Assist with character immersion.
    - Bypass the mapping request system for smaller requests (plants/factory equipment/etc).

    Will require scripting.

    Does it require scripting?
    Tick one
    [ ] No.
    [ ] Yes, I have the script.
    [X] Yes, but it still needs to be scripted.

    How would you go about implementing this suggestion?
    1. Players should obtain the item ID of what they wish to import
    2. Provide the item ID to server staff
    3. Server staff use a command string to create the item id.
    4. Charge the player a realistic fee which is attached to the item.
    5. Hand the items to the player.

    It's ideal that this system is only used by companies, which delivers the items to players for extra character immersion.

    Impact the suggestion would have if implemented
    - Avoid the mapping request delay for smaller requests.
    - Provide players a broader selection of items to use/place.
    - Add more RP experiences!

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    Re: Suggestion - New item system

    Might as well rip the resource from O-wlGaming (Why block a fucking word lmao), no developer here is capable of creating such script on their own.
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