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Thread: Roleplay -Not Statplay (Yeah, it's an Essay)

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    Roleplay -Not Statplay (Yeah, it's an Essay)

    The Current State of MTA:RP: A Short Essay Based On Problem Framing Existing Dilemmas And Arguments Residing On Them.

    Quick recap. You might be asking who I am. Questioning authors and sources is perfectly fine. I've been around since what 2013? I've only started to get involved in the year 2016 when I started leading LSPD / applied for staff. It was around the time TGN existed. Since that period, I've lead over 3 factions and been part of the staff team almost three times (resigning every time due to academic reasons). I am also a B.A Visual Communication student. Which is a practical degree based on the theoretical component of visual communication. I am studying at an Art University that specializes in Visual Communication, Interactive Design and Film & Television. This essay is based on actual events that occurred during the time period between 2016 - 2019 and how there was responded to them. As well as current dilemmas and actual existing issues. I've split this essay up in multiple sectors to help problem frame certain aspects of the server and also their impact.

    There's no doubt that when you compare our server's scripts to others, you will realize a large gap between existing features. You can not ignore that. And it's quite evident that the script divide between MTA:RP vs Others (Cough Cough) is fairly large. This has been noticeable for over what, 5 years? There is no doubt that it's resulting that we have a smaller slice of the total players in MTA. But is it really that bad?

    I really think that it's not the main issue to be honest. Sure, people enjoy better script features but when it comes to actually roleplaying. Having the best scripts does not mean shit. Scripts are seen as a tool for promoting roleplay ambiance. Thus if you look at passive roleplaying, you should not require the need of anything script related. It's purely up to whether you can indeed roleplay (That's why you get recommended for RP+ if you can passive roleplay). I see scripts as an "Extra" feature. Not the aspect that defines a whole server.

    The only scripts that are needed and that's incredibly important for roleplay, are those for staff/player stats and avoiding bugs/glitches (From my point of view).

    At last, the most important part (most likely). The most popular roleplay situations nowadays are pursuits and police raids. For example, illegal characters that are wanted for nearly 7 days (for lets say 'Reckless Evasion due to fuck knows what') drives down the road next to Idlewood Gas Station (Which if you don't know, is a popular location where cops chill nearly 100% of the time). A cop sees the character, and decides pull them over. The little rascals decides to spin off, knowing they are wanted and most likely knowing they will get arrested.

    I hope you look at that paragraph twice, and realize what's the main issue there, (And I also hope, for your sake that you realize that it's against the server rules. The very rules that exist and dictates our actions to promote and support roleplay ambiance (And not ruin it for everyone) -is that the fellas provoked the police officer indirectly by returning to a popular location whilst being wanted.

    Now you may be asking, well Buddy. What is wrong with that? It's their characters, they can decide what they do and want. Whether the result of the situation is; they gets captured or evade successfully(and repeat this process again) -it's still their decision Buddy! Well fuck you Ashley, you are wrong. There are two reasons why you are wrong. Firstly, you piss the PD roleplayers off. And you are making them want to cut themselves (Talking out of experience). And secondly, since when do you see wanted criminals sitting in a Starbucks or some shit? The cunts are probably sitting in their motorhome, planning their next step to get out of the fucking country.

    Now I am not saying you should flee the country, although it would be fucking cool. We actually cut you slack by explaining you should avoid visiting POPULAR locations (Government owned / IGS). But Buddy, if I don't cause a pursuit. How can I roleplay and express my character? That's an easy one. Passive Roleplay perhaps? Clean your house, clean your drug or weapon inventory. Or commit to building roleplay relationships with other illegal characters, and organize events regarding them. The only thing that restricts you, is poor character development. Even though we most likely deal with cops/robbers event. You are not chained or restricted to them. But only to your creative roleplay impotence (or creative development). Remember, it's a roleplay server.

    What constitutes the behavior good Administrator? We can not possibly explain that. Though we can hint towards the trashy administrators. As staff members, our main focus is to help players. Whether it's bug related, roleplay related or simply reporting a player related. We are tasked to assist and most importantly also prevent.

    Players tend to look at this topic, and neglect the prevention part. Prevention, includes punishing players for their lack of roleplay rules/understanding of it. And also physically preventing them from committing more offenses related to roleplaying. This is an absolutely vital approach on assisting with creating roleplaying environments, as failure to do so may ruin the experience for others. Again, referring to the roleplay sector of this essay -Ashley, nobody likes a person that fucks up a roleplay event. Therefor it is key that players understand the importance of the created rules when it comes to roleplay. Fun fact, I've introduced a few of my film-student-buddies to MTA:RP and the rules around it. And they are actually blown away by it. As they approve the significance of them.

    Admins are tasked to punish rule breakers, and also mainly focus on punishing those that ignited major rule breaking events (Such as mass DM etc.). We base our punishments on actual evidence deriving from the log system, visual material etc. Therefor we are limited to what we can actually notice. And the lack of staff members makes the situation worse by delaying it. Thus it is crucial to understand our final verdicts.

    I am not one that enjoys punishing players, it is never pleasurable for any party involved to see their friends getting placed in a box unable to play with them. But you have to understand the importance of it and accept it. I am also avoiding stat whoring as part of this essay, due to the fact that it's a roleplay server. And it's logic that stats are by no means the element that drives roleplay (That's why most of you get bored and leave the moment you strike the first ten million dollars). Players should be focused on passive roleplaying. And avoid cliche events such as pursuits. Criminal roleplayers should create better back stories for their characters, which is deeper and stronger. The simple "Jamal was born in a gang owned area, that's why hes tagging walls and robbing gas stations" is fucking boring and just -it doesn't suffice. I hope this essay enlightens your mood and view on the server and realize what roleplaying truly is. And also, Ashley. If you are out there. I hope you step on layers of lego. Because your character's roleplay backstory is as vague as an Ikea instruction Manuel.

    (Editor Notes: As you can see, I tried to avoid the twitter post format. I followed an Academic writing structure to make it as easy to read as possible and interesting as well. Please reply if you think I should create an essay on the importance of roleplay/how to properly roleplay)
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    Re: Roleplay -Not Statplay (Yeah, it's an Essay)

    Well said Buddy. And from now on I will be rewarding all passive roleplayers.
    Players who contribute to server will be rewarded.
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    Re: Roleplay -Not Statplay (Yeah, it's an Essay)

    "When you first hit 10million, you get bored and you leave the server"

    *reaches 10 million*
    *tries to buy a car*
    *car costs 18 million*
    *rage quits the server*
    *comes back the next day and donates $10 to buy the car with Vpoints*

    That's the more accurate description
    of events my dude.

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