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Thread: Future of MTA:RP

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    Future of MTA:RP

    Welcome everyone.

    MTA:RP has been here since 2012, and will keep on going. The administration team has put their heads together and will do everything to fix the current problem.
    So far, we have come up with few ideas to fix economy, fix the RP and RPG situation. There are things coming to this server that will not be expected. Some of you will hate us for it, some of you will think it might work.
    I can promise you that, MTA:RP will not fall and will rise once again.

    We encourage everyone to wait patiently a few more days and when everything is ready we will be sure to let you all know!

    We are looking for:

    - Faction leaders for:


    If you think you are suited for any of these factions, feel free to contact me or Mach2 directly, including why you should be leading that faction and how will you lead it. What changes you may bring into the factions etc.

    - Mappers

    - Need new maps in general in the city of Los Santos.

    Whoever knows their way around Map Editor and is willing to help MTA:RP will be rewarded kindly. One reward might be that you have special rank in MTA:RP, that does not mean any power but color & tag and recognition from others.

    - Video editors

    We will be making a intro video of MTA:RP to advertise it on youtube.

    - Developers and Scripters

    Anyone familiar in scripting, we need your help. If you want to be scripter & developer of MTA:RP, contact Mach2.

    I know there are still players here who believe in MTA:RP and hopefully you will help the server as much as possible.
    Currently we will not accept any new admins into the server, but once the playerbase raises and admins are needed, the ones who will be here since the beggining will have bigger chance.

    We wish you the best and once the server is ready, we wait all of you to join us ingame and roleplay.
    If you have any questions feel free to ask them. Any admin will answer them as soon as possible.
    We do not give up, and hopefully you won't either.

    MTA:RP Administration team.
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