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Thread: Is this really the end?

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    Is this really the end?

    Many of you commented on the closing of the community post.. Which brought back some good memories for me.
    It made me realize that MTA:RP deserves better than this.. Better than to be given up on..

    I will continue to keep MTA:RP online out of my own pocket, and in the coming weeks we have some ideas to change the economy up a bit to make things easier to achieve, but hard to become stupid rich. We will also be looking for more staff to help us along the way..

    This is not officially a we aren't closing post, But it is a promise that we are going to at least try to fix what is broken without just giving up.
    We invite anyone willing to come help us achieve that.

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    Re: Is this really the end?

    I'm down to help keep this community alive Overload. Only server out there that I can have fun roleplaying on anymore.

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    Re: Is this really the end?

    Hope you take the suggestions that were made into consideration.

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    Re: Is this really the end?

    I'm glad to see this might not be the end. Though i haven't been on in a very long time (or played MTA in a long time), i have very many fond memories of this place. I wish the best
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    Re: Is this really the end?

    I grew up playing in this community since 2014 and I still come back here form time to time. This community has one of the most motivated and supportive and caring members in MTA, and it's something this community is blessed to have. I can say is that the problem here is we're focusing on the wrong problems, like scripts or money or perks ect...
    People gotta focus again on the main purpose of the server, roleplay. We got few good motivated qualified people, give them a faction or two, legal tho. You know a construction company, or even a mining company at the quarry ect... People gotta get the server working, hop in game with few games and start RP, create a character thread and post screenshots of your development, we can change that. If your a donator with a lot of cash? ROLEPLAY THAT! Roleplay a rich millionaire that owns a Casino and start RP for u and others.
    I hope everyone got my idea.
    Paul "Paulie" Gambino

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