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    (( Useful Information ))

    ((Whole Thread is OOC))

    If you are interested in getting a pilots licenses, please review the following useful tips / rules.. If you are caught abusing your licenses it will be taken from you. If you fly a helicopter without a licenses you will be admin jailed.

    Rules / Useful Information

    • You can not purchase a Helicopter or Airplane without a license\r\n
    • If there is not a dedicated area for landing, you can not land there. (Do not land in the street)\r\n
    • Normal Helicopters and Airplanes maintain a 35,000 Ft Distance from the ground unless they are landing. Do not fly too low. (With exception of LSPD ASU unit)\r\n
    • You must request permission to take off / land using /air prior to taking off, and prior to landing. Failure to request permission may result in you being shot down, and CK''d.\r\n
    • Use Common sense. If you do not have good common sense, then do not apply.\r\n
    • Do not land on areas without proper permissions (Ex: You must request permission from both LSIA and LSPD to land on the LSPD Roof)\r\n

    If you are caught abusing your licenses it will be taken from you.
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