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[ch]Weapons Permit[/ch]

Full Name: Joe Case
Marital Status: Single Single/Married/Divorced
Home Address: Town House, St. Lawrence Blvd
Mailing Address (if different): -
Home Phone Number: 572406
Mobile Phone Number: 572406

Do you possess a San Andreas Motor Vehicle license?: Yes.

Have you, at any point, been arrested, detained or had a mark on your police record?: No.

If so, explain: -
  • Incident 1
  • Incident 2

For what do you plan on using your license for (select all that apply):
[ ] Recreational Use
[ ] Hunting
[ ] Sports and Marksmanship
[X] Work Related

If so,
What or Who is your employer?
Self-employed. I run a garage which often times services luxury vehicles.


Under San Andreas Law, you're obliged to have your license on you at all times when carrying or in possession of a loaded firearm. You're also required to keep your weapon(s) out of businesses, properties and government facilities which directly forbid the carrying and concealing of firearms. The weapons permit included herein is classified, federally and locally, as a Concealed Carry Weapons Permit, allowing you to keep any weapon classified as a pistol in concealment while on your person. If, at any time, you're approached by or detained by law enforcement officials, you're required to present your license and drop or reveal any weapons and/or concealed firearms on your person.

By signing, you agree to the terms listed above.
Sign here: Joe_Case.


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Greetings Joe Case,

The San Andreas Department of Justice Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has decided to take your firearms permit into consideration and will provide you a small exam sheet to fill out provided with a link here. Weapons Permit Test. Upon completion of the test please reply to this forum, where it will undergo a reviewing process and deemed a pass or a failure.

Yours Sincerely,
Head Marshal & Licensing Officer
Belinda Reloux


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Greetings Joe Case,

The San Andreas Department of Justice Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms have decided to gracefully ACCEPT your firearms permit request, with initial scores surpassing the 70% mark.

Steps into finalising and acquiring your firearms permit follows as below;
  • Please call the Department of Justice hotline (#377) and await for a Licensing Officer to issue your permit.
  • Make sure to have the total sum of $20,000 for the permit fees.
  • Once acquiring your firearms permit, make sure to register all your purchased firearms in our firearms registry Here.
  • Failing to register your purchased firearms will result in your permit being revoked along with criminal charges set upon the permit handler.


Head Marshal & Licensing Officer
Belinda Reloux
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