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    In the past, we have used the UCP for Stat Transfers. This method has became far outdated and works about 60% of the time.. Rather than facing potential issues with an outdated system we will follow a new method.

    From now on, A Stat Transfer can be used for Name Changes, or Unck's.

    In order to use a stat transfer for a unck, you WILL need to rename the character.
    You may not unck a character with the same name..
    A Stat Transfer is 600vPoints or 1 Stat Transfer.
    You CAN recreate a new character with the same name, but it must start a new life as the previous character died.
    A renamed, Uncked character must also start a new life, with no knowledge of the previous character.
    Remembering anything from a past life will be handled as meta gaming.

    All of this can be completed on the UCP now, at this page:
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