Script Update March 2019


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We've made some small but noticeable changes that we want to share with everyone ASAP, There are a lot more to come, But this is just to get us started.

  • You can now use /estimate inside your interior to see what the /sellproperty price will be without selling it.
  • Car Crusher will now pay out a bonus for v12 and v16 cars on top of the already crush price. You can see this estimate by driving to the I on the crusher.
  • Vehicle Taxes have been lowered
  • Property Taxes have been lowered
  • Payday will pay out on a new schedule, Rather than hourly. (if you have a lot of time saved it will pay you until its out)
  • New robbery system implemented
  • Speeding Tickets now output letting you know the price of each ticket you get.
  • Speeding Ticket Perk has been fixed.
  • All ATM's support deposits
  • Bank interest has been adjusted to .1%
  • Sell Property and Crush prices adjusted to match economy.
  • Capped bank interest at 10m
  • Adjusted Welfare

Although these are not yet live, We have some updates that will come before the end of march:

  • Crusher will now pay directly to your bank account instead of on hand
  • /sellproperty will pay your bank directly, instead of on hand.

Although it is not script related, one of the biggest complaints I have gotten in the past from PD is the lack of speed mods. We have modded all PD cars free of charge to make a more fair and balanced advantage.

This is only the beginning of some major changes coming in the next few days, stay tuned and get in game!

Thank You
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