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First Name: Luna

Surname: Tsuchiya

Nationality: Born in the USA, Originally from Beljin, China.

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Date of Birth: 14/09/1994

Contact Number: -

Current Employment: Los Santos International Airport

Previous Employment / Education: Los Santos Police Department

Please mark (x) the following job you are applying for:

[X] Anchor
[ ] Reporter
[ ] Editor

Do you possess a valid drivers License:[X] Yes[ ] No

Tell us a little about yourself and your personality
I'm a great listener, I love writing long essays, gives me great ideas, I got a huge imagination, I love the media, I've always dreamed of doing the News on TV, Self-Confident, Independent, Musically Talented with a great Voice.

EDITORS ONLY : How good would you rate your English Grammar and Spelling? (Rate 0-10, 10 being excellent)

By signing your name on the line below, you agree that all information provided is legally correct.

SIGNED: L.Tsuchiya


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Dear Luna Tsuchiya,

I am sorry to inform you that upon revision of your application, it has been deemed unsatisfactory for the following reasons:
  1. Incompletion.
  2. Failure to include contact information.
  3. Unsatisfactory English.
If you are still interested in joining the San Andreas Network, you will be allowed to submit another application after: 7/20/2014.

Thank you,

Reinhard Eichmann - Chief Executive Officer
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