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We've been through some pretty slow times over the past year. We have tried Resets, and script updates, and countless ideas of members of the community.
Ultimately each time we try to revive MTA:RP We end up with the same usual 1-2 players per day, who are left with basically nothing to do..

So, If we can get enough people on board, I'd like to give this another shot..

My usual inactivity due to RL Things does not help the situation, I understand!

But I strongly believe what the server lacks is leadership.
We need active admins to help tend to the needs of actual players.
We need Faction Leaders to give players some interaction with PD, ES, and more!
I also think that we could boost Players, and RP Events by scheduling busy times..
If we set the server up, and get 40 players per day.. That could mean no more than 2 at a time because of the different time zones.. I think we should setup a schedule where everyone tries to get on at the same time, to have better interaction.

All of this isnt getting done with a small group.
If you are interested in helping or leading something drop me a PM! Here on forums or Discord.
Im going to try to put people in control of things that they have experience with!
on top of that, I want to try to have multiple leaders of factions, To try and cover different time zones..

Lets collaborate and decide on a scheduled RP Time, So we can get the most players possible online. (I was thinking between 6pm - 9pm EST, Which seemed to be a pretty popular time frame in the past)

Without proper Leadership, and active factions.. Script updates, Resets, and money inflation will do nothing.
So i plan to leave everything as is, No resets.. Nothing major changed until we can rebuild the playerbase and get actual Roleplay going on.


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You had a whole staff team that was tailored towards encouraging roleplay in the last revive, and that got ruined because staff left after there were some "special donation incentives" going on behind the scenes that totally defeated the purpose of changes that were being made to promote RP. Everyone that would be willing to contribute to a revive has already tried to do that, and has been left with a bad aftertaste (and probably banned) as a result.


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You had a whole staff team that was tailored towards encouraging roleplay in the last revive, and that got ruined because staff left after there were some "special donation incentives" going on behind the scenes that totally defeated the purpose of changes that were being made to promote RP. Everyone that would be willing to contribute to a revive has already tried to do that, and has been left with a bad aftertaste (and probably banned) as a result.




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Sadly each time there's any type of promise of actual roleplay being brought back to the server, management always manages to throw it out the window. At this point, I don't think there's any point in attempting to bring people back to San Andreas.
I tossed the idea around multiple times in the old Discord and a couple times in the shoutbox, but if you're genuinely interested in reviving the community, in my opinion the only chance is on GTA 5. I don't think anyone would object to a fresh start if it were on a new game, and I also don't believe it's any issue about hardware at this point, even if it is in some cases I've personally seen people on GTA 5 RP servers on the lowest of low settings and 720p to play and they don't mind. I would look into alt:v and RAGE, but I assume you already have. If there's a concern of receiving donations to host the server, iirc alt:v has very low resource usage even on high pop.


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Forgive my bluntness.
GTA V does seem to be the best option IMO.. I'm running almost 10-year-old hardware and can still consistently run GTA V smoothly and on FiveM servers with a tremendous amount of resources. I would honestly say trying to host a 'VMenu' roleplay server on FiveM as a test-run could give MTA:RP a fighting chance to get its bearings in a new environment(that means you don't have to completely abandon the original). Economy servers across FiveM do struggle a lot, the only truly successful one IMO has been PixelRP. They tend to turn into gangland cops/robber servers. If even half of this community got behind a FiveM move it could be entirely plausible to build a solid foundation and run a relatively successful server there. It's cheap, and most people still around on PC have GTA V. Yes, in comparison to MTA, the coding side of things can be a lot more rigid when it comes to what MTA players are used to. In the early days of FiveM, I compared it to SAMP a lot. Say goodbye to in-game menus for the most part, in-game text as your main method of in-character speech, and inventory if going the route of 'Vmenu'. But, there are alternatives, which are/can be a much more daunting task. Teamspeak3 is still widely used across all platforms. You can still have in-game commands for /do, /me, OOC, and staff chat for example.

Discord opens a whole new door for !!FREE!! main server functions and "faction" areas(you could have whole separate discords set up for PD for example, which most servers do, controlled by the owner), with honestly much more potential than any in game MTA menu or forum online. I've seen a 15-year-old efficiently stack up 40 players a day on shit hosting and half-stolen 'scripts'. He only had a handful of 5 people to fill necessary positions at the start. Many more people new and old to the concept of roleplay are on FiveM. All it takes is a base goal and a community mindset, which MTA:RP always ended up squandering or outright misusing. Even simple VMenu servers can be packed with rich roleplay, slightly limited due to no economics, yet still able to flourish and be enjoyable. I stayed with one such server for almost 2 years, and their ultimate demise was caused by greed. Greed has destroyed 90% of the GTA SA/5 roleplay servers I've ever came across. Donations will fluctuate. Some months will be better than others. By only seeing a server as a method of income, it will fail. People want community. They want a place to escape, distract, or just to have a hobby. They don't want a bill. This server I spent a lot of time on raked in a lot of money either from just from good-willed people who wanted to help and keep the community thriving, or partnerships due to free advertisement. Once donations went from it being an option to a demand, the money stopped coming.

You want fresh leadership? Look around. Most of the people still checking these forums clearly still hold their experiences and bonds made on MTA:RP close to their chest. I've met people I can now truly call my friends, forged by our love for this shit. We are still in contact and treat each other like we've been best friends for years, even though we've never truly met. A lot of the current positions held would have to be scrapped entirely. People who have held high up spots for a long time may not like that. But it needs to happen, extreme personal biases and power-hungry views will only lead to an early closing, no matter what platform you choose. The current pyramid power structure in place does not work(yes, democratic decision making in the administrative "wing" with checks and balances for the owner works a lot better. I'm surprised the current structure worked at all for the time it did). I myself was 11 when I first found MTA:RP. I stayed loyal until the end. That's what a real community (virtual or not) does to a person. I'm 20 now and I would still spend my time to help shape something new but rooted in tradition. You could port all of the current base MTA:RP rules over to a Vmenu server, save for anything to do with an economy. It could work. I still have a few connections to people who could help (code/script wise, since that is the biggest hurdle). It's a matter of are you willing to revive it for the community, or for personal gain?

I am not beating the war drums by trying to imply you(ello/overload/mr.ballew) are simply greedy, I don't think you are. I don't think things are that black and white or that simple. Money came in and you saw opportunities and bills had to be paid, nothing wrong with not wanting it all to come out of your own pocket. But I do think some of the further money-making ideas ruined the community for some people and asked for too much at times, and attracted the wrong kind of players/leadership. I tried to do my part but by the time I was truly able(maturity and experience wise), it was too late. I say in with the new, with lessons from the old. Think of it as letting the old ship sink but salvaging the blueprints. Discord wise, I alone could have everything you need set up and completely new-user friendly. It doesn't take a ton of know-how. Most of it is common sense once you understand discord's features and GTA 5's limitations. Server wise, a lot of explaining would have to be done but could be effectively ran for up to 60 dollars USD a month, including hosting, in-game well done paid resource packages(such as 'clothing' add-ons, vehicles, etc., a sever key, and so on, saving you a LOT of time. There are tons of opportunities regarding FiveM itself. Personally I haven't had any experience with RageMP or even heard of alt:v, so I cannot speak on the pros/cons of either. I know a certain unnamed server tried RageMP, but ultimately failed, even with funding and decent people who knew their shit. It seemed a lot more complicated than it needed to be.

Roleplay on MTA could still work through some serious reworking, but the likelihood of seeing any actual NEW players is minimal at best. A cross-platform community could thrive given enough effort and time.

Either way, you have a foundation already. Now you need a goal. If this is truly an open conversation, hopefully my criticism and suggestions don't go unnoticed(or get me banned for some reason). Feel free to message me here or on discord. Much love, I'm not sorry for the messy essay.
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When it comes to MTA as a whole, a few people branched off from staff to make MTA a FiveM server however, I'm unsure where the fuck that went. I think when it comes to it GTA SA RP is kind of dead now that FiveM is around and people are looking at streams and are going damn, that's nice.. that's what I did and it's the reason I'm not active.

I think it's time to switch it up and head in a new kind of direction. I joined a few FiveM Servers that are focused on RP more than anything. Having good graphics, you can make TeamSpeak or an in-game VOIP work. which is great as most people have a microphone to communicate.
I love the fact that you are still pushing MTA SA to be a thing but with the number of resets, changes, and other stuff people are going to leave/not be around. It's understandable.

Honestly overload, if you want to try something new. feel free to send me a discord message, If you ever need/want help setting a FiveM server up I've got some developers and a base to start with.

Honestly think Bilbo summed a lot up



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Can we just face the fact that we've overgrown MTA or even videogames in general? Today, I booted up my PC after almost a year. I just don't find joy in it anymore. I'm 24 years old and got other things on my mind and I just work all the time that I can't find time or strenght to play.

I wish you all the best in 2023 and I hope this server lives again, I will sure come and visit!