Script Update MTA:RP v3.6.2


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Script Update v3.6.2

It's been a busy last few days for us still! We're going to continue working on bringing you all new content to enjoy!

New Features
Added Donator Carshop to LV
New Admin Commands: /delsafe & /delminer
Both Gun NPCs now use bitcoin
Added /getbtc for admins to see players BTC Wallet
Added /givebtc and /takebtc for Lead+
Added output for gun NPC to show remaining BTC balance after purchase.
Reinstated Trucker System, and Forklift Job
Re-added Jesters to Carshops
Added a few more spawns around LS for the drug NPC
Added a /me output when interacting with the drug NPC

Made items/world items use lowest ID when spawning
Auto delete speeding violations older than 365 days
Change Speeding Violations to use lowest ID
Made ATMs use lowest ID when spawning
Made shops use lowest ID when spawning
Made miners system to use lowest ID when creating a terminal
Nametags no longer have color unless you have the F7 donor perk, or an admin on duty
New F10/Character Select Screen

Fixes to roads/intersections throughout LS
Removed snow from UCP
Fixed F7 menu for perks showing in the wrong area

Currently we are working on the addition to add the ability to spawn in world objects as in-game items. Last night we had a preliminary test of it working, however we are going to make sure it is 100% ready to implement before it is fully released. Once fully released, we will be adding/changing various shops to allow the ability to spawn in a lot of various decorating items/materials.

Stay tuned!


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I'm loving these new updates, get a handgun for 150 grand and also you can buy a new vehicle for 100m.
Everything seems to be working out great hopefully new players will join.

Thank you for your feedback regarding the pricing. The vehicles are done at the conversion of /buyvp, which is $50,000 per point.

For the price of handguns, I did not look at those personally, but I will go through them today.