Los Santos International Airport Now Hiring!


Clint Villa
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Los Santos International Airport is excited to announce that we are now hiring citizens of San Andreas to come work in our airport in southern Los Santos! We have a variety of open job opportunities that pay very well. We are currently doing live recruitments at random times, but even if you happen to miss them, you can fill out an application and we will review it as soon as we can.

Some of our job openings include:
*Airport Security
*Head of Security
*Gate Security
*Air Security

Emergency Services
*Emergency Response Team
*Head of Emergency Response

*Pilot Supervisor
*Head of Transportation
*Air Traffic Control

*Air Security
*Private Pilot
*Commercial Pilot
*Flight Instructor

These are only a fraction of the opportunities we offer here at LSIA. If you are interested in learning more, give us a call, or stop by our offices anytime! If your interested in applying, click here!