[Hex Tow 'n' Go Application] - Michael Washington


First Name: Michael
Last Name: Washington
Date of birth: 03/01/2001
Ethnicity: American
Gender: Male
Address: 28 Rich St
Phonenumber: 506035

Describe yourself in a few sentences:

Im a extremely hardworking young fellow, who has previously worked around cars and ive always had a passion for cars. I'd love to rejoin the company because i enjoyed my time here and would enjoy working here again. I also feel as if im quite confident in the fact of knowing how to operate a tow truck and would love to help clean the streets of San Andreas, as i have noticed you are quite short staffed. In my opinion, i stand out as an applicant due to my experience working with cars, even though i am young ive always had a passion for this.

Do you have any previous knowledge of Towing/Mechanics?

So, as i mentioned in the previous question, i have worked on many vehicles since i was 15 years old as i have always enjoyed working on vehicles with my dad as i was growing up. My first vehicle i ever worked on was a sultan which needed a full engine swap due to the fact one of the pistons were cracked. I used to also work for this company a long time ago and would appreciate if i could work in the company again. I used to enjoy my time here and would love to work here again.

What are your strenghts and weaknesses?

My strengths are that i am confident, hardworking and i am excellent at teamwork.

I am confident because i know what i am doing in the fact i know how to operate a towtruck and if a customer brought a vehicle in i would know how to fix it.
I am hardworking as when i used to work for the company the vehicles i towed in a month was a extremely high amount.
I am excellent at teamwork because i am a extremely friendly and talkative person who gets along with everyone most of the time.

My weaknesses are that i am too young, however i am eager to learn and i feel as if at the age of 21 my brain is like a sponge so im eager to learn new information.

What job are you applying for?

Mechanic [ ] Driver [X]

Why should you be hired?

I think i should be hired as like i previously mentioned, i stand out to other applicants as i am constantly available and that I always obey the rules of the company and i would also mention things i could improve to the company. I would always be there to help the company move forward rather than moving backwards and in my opinion i could help make big improvements and keep the streets of Los Santos clean. Also, there any many people who order vehicles and because I can do long shifts, i can always be there to help our customers. Also if a colleague needed me i would also be there to help as i am extremely friendly and approachable.

Do you have any felony charges/active investigations against you? If yes, please list:


Do you accept a criminal history check?:


By signing this application, you confirm that all information given is accurate to the best of your knowledge, and that any falsified or invalid information may result in your application being rejected, or if hired, any information found false, may result in your dismissal.

You also understand and accept that not all injuries incurred may or may not be covered by Hex. Towing is a very dangerous job, and, if, upon investigation of an incident that causes personal injury, evidence is recovered that proves lack of equipment maintinance, operator error, or the like, you may not be entitled to compensation.

Signature: M.Washington

Signed on (DD/MM/YYYY): 16/04/2022

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What is your timezone/GMT? GMT +1
Do you understand that if, you are found guilty of not obeying faction or server rules, you may be kicked from the faction,or jailed/warned/kicked/banned from the server?
Ever got jailed/warned/banned? If yes, for what reason? In the past for alot of reasons however not recently.


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