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Application Process

The MTA:RP application process is split up into four main phases of development. Each stage is intended to garnish a certain amount of approval or education with the important role of being an administrator. At no point can a phase be side-stepped when applying for admin. The entire process lasts up to a month, hence the rank Trial Admin. This role is simply that; trial. It is only one part of the phase and does not guarantee your right as an administrator.

Phase One:
Applying via this forum. Application will go through the normal voting process associated with previous admin applications.

Phase Two:

Accepted admins must engage with a Head+ or designated admins for both a test on their abilities as a roleplayer and their ability to properly administrate with an adequate amount of judgement and common sense present.

Phase Three:

Monitoring done by a Lead Administration and above, both in Trial Reports as well as In-Game reconnaissance.

Phase Four:

Passing monitoring stage and moving on to Administrator if applicable.
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