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  1. Luka

    Idk why I'm doing this

    It's interesting to see you guys posting about your lives and where you ended up, so I thought why not share my story as well. After finishing high school, I got into the military as a military pilot cadet. In Croatia, it's a bit complicated to become a military pilot; you have to go to...
  2. Luka

    Script Update - May 2018

    Does anyone know if this fixed the lag? top secret atmen?
  3. Luka

    Script Update for April 2018

    Glad to see updates coming up again, good job. :o
  4. Luka

    Update regarding Characters Just going to leave this here...
  5. Luka

    Update regarding Characters

    RIP Hours played Hours across all characters: 1,430
  6. Luka

    Script Update - v3.5.6.6

    That was fixed few weeks ago, while you were still staff here. Business messages don't show up unless you've put one up.
  7. Luka

    Script Update - v3.5.6.6

    I believe it's called jealousy :p
  8. Luka

    Script Update - v3.5.6.6

    This is the update list for version v3.5.6.6 Notice: Many more updates were done besides the listed ones, unfortunately we lost the list containing those due to an ex-staff deleting it. Features: Added a new notification display (will be put up in use over the next few updates). (Luka) Added...
  9. Luka

    Script Update - v3.5.6.5

    This is the update list for version v3.5.6.5 Features: Added new event /startmarathon for Super Admins. (Luka) Added ability for mechanics to remove vehicle upgrades from vehicles. (Luka) Added /osendtoplace for admins. (Luka) Added chainsaw in "Quality Hardware Store". (Luka) Added two new...
  10. Luka

    Faction members activity

    Thank you, I appreciate it. :)
  11. Luka

    Faction members activity

    Faction members activity As known since forever, many faction members tend to log in for a minute just so they're shown as active. This has been a problem for years, and today it ends. I've made a new feature for every leader in a faction to use "Members Activity" window that displays every...
  12. Luka

    Introducing Stock Clerk

    Stock Clerk As you all may have noticed, shops are places we rarely roleplay in, no one is ever seen in them either. Because of this I decided to change SarahLore's (ex-developer) script into an actual job that'd be used, therefore the credit for this script goes to SarahLore. The job is...
  13. Luka

    Weapon Permit Request

    Failing to name the thread or use the template for the thread properly will result in an instant denial.
  14. Luka

    Script Update - v3.5.6

    You cannot switch speedmods between car and a bike, common sense.
  15. Luka

    Script Update - v3.5.6

    We apologize for extending the date of new scripts coming out, we had our developer Jockeyzz on vacation and Luka handling the community admin-wise. Thankfully this changed and we are now in the process of making those upcoming scripts.
  16. Luka

    Script Update - v3.5.6

    This is the update list for version v3.5.6 Features: Added new self-changing text on top bar. (Luka) Added new option for including phone numbers via /call 7331. (Luka) Added command /restarttints for administrators to recreate all vehicle tints. (Luka) Added New donation perk: add...
  17. Luka

    Donation Perks Changes

    This wasn't intentional for the stat-whores in the first place, it's made for newbies to work harder and appreciate city hall jobs and factions more.
  18. Luka

    Donation Perks Changes

    Donation Perks Changes Notice: After a discussion with upper administration we decided to update some donation perks. Before you start complaining and crying about how expensive they've been made to, please consider this: We have bundles you can donate for which give you enormous amount of...
  19. Luka

    Script Update - v3.5.5

    You did, I tried to edit the post but I don't have the permission. Thanks for the assistance, highly appreciated. :)