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    Script Update MTA:RP v3.6.2 (Patch 1)

    MTA:RP v3.6.2 (Patch 1) Script Update Just wanted to give everyone a mid month update the newest changes we've made to the server. As well as starting to give credit for those who did them: Mid April Update: Fixes: Fixed the "Welcome to our Business" showing on houses in the Interior System -...
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    Other Updates Update to Gun Licenses

    In most cases it will be handled OOC. The intention of LEGAL guns are LEGAL use. If they are being abused then you wont be able to continue using it regardless if you are caught IC.
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    How To: Bitcoin Mining

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    Other Updates Update to Gun Licenses

    Remember, Both the above mentioned "Permits" are for LEGAL firearms only. Any illegal use of the firearms will cause you to be banned from both Purchase Permits and CCW's. If you are banned you will not be able to obtain either, even from the DMV.
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    Other Updates Update to Gun Licenses

    Gun Licenses and Permits We've capitalized on the new CCW Permits, and want to give everyone a rundown of how the new system works.. You can now purchase ammo at Ammunition without a license at all. By Definition Ammo is not illegal. You will need a Firearms Purchase Permit to buy any gun. A...
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    2022 Easter Event!

    UPDATE: Because we are getting to the end of this event and still there are 4 unfound. We have decided to change the rules. You may now find more than one, if you've already found one! Happy Hunting.
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    Business License Request - Form

    At the moment this isn't required for RP. assume you already have one.
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    2022 Easter Event!

    A 7th was found, but the finder said he really wasn't interested in it. So we allowed him to rehide it! There is now one more in LS. There is no longer one in Bayside.
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    2022 Easter Event!

    A 6th has been found in Bone County (i don't even know how to describe where it was lol)
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    2022 Easter Event!

    A 5th has been found! Only 5 remain. This one was INSIDE City Hall, in LS. 0 REMAIN IN LS!
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    A look at the server rules - Logging to avoid

    So, calling 911 to make a report, IS in fact interacting with the police.... Thats exactly why we have phone tracing scripts.. Can i get a TLDR of the rest, Kinda a lot of reading :D
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    Server Rules

    Our thread got too big, and i cant add anymore to it... However please take note of the following rule that does still apply: When engaging in any major roleplay (such as running from PD, shooting/robbing someone, etc) you must remain on the same character for 30 Minuets before you can Log off...
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    2022 Easter Event!

    Some had asked for the locations so far: 1. Top of Pyramid Casino in LV 2. Gun Range in Bone County 3. Top of mountain at Bay side 4. Top of Lighthouse in LS Still 6 remaining, Keep looking!
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    2022 Easter Event!

    Two more have been found! Seven Remaining
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    Wow thx for bumping an old thread. Me close now
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    What makes MTA:RP different now?

    In 2012 when I started MTA:RP it was a joke. I had been admin at Valhalla, and subsequently fired and banned.. me and a group of friends tried to start Vedic gaming roleplay, and through one reason or another one of the developers could not stop giving his password to everyone. We ended up...
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    Pay2Lose - Thank you for donating, but no.

    Well Said, And i agree in the fullest. The JTA Equation was a really shitty situation indeed. I Will no longer sell admin rank, and no amount of money is going to make you exempt from the rules moving forward. (it hasn't for about a year now, but i never publicly announced that anything...
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    Script Update MTA:RP v3.6.1.1

    Script Update v3.6.1.1 We spent another day working to expand the scripts and bring new features for our players. Here is a list of the changes today: New Features: - Implemented a Global Limit to /sellbtc that resets hourly, Preventing a large amount from being sold at once. - New Gun and...
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    Rules with the Shelby

    As you may have noticed, we are allowing more Shelby Allocations in the server, and you may start to see them around more often. The Shelby has a very strict set of rules, because it is the FASTEST car in our server. Shelby's come standard with 75 Power, and 260 top speed. They ARE NOT to be...