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  1. BrunoJackson

    Getting Back At It?

    Now that were all old and shit lol maybe we can setup like weekend events to where they are announced like a week or two ahead of time and we can make time to show up and hang out with all our old gaming buddys. and maybe talk our new friends into checking it out as well. idk but its always fun...
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    Appreciate an Administrator

    lol yea
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    Script Update ((SCRIPT UPDATE)) Breaking News: Shortage of computer parts due to coin miners.

    is there a cmd to display my wallet address? **Nevermind lol i opened the PDA and found it there
  4. BrunoJackson

    Business License Request - Form

    how do you make the payment to the government? What's the command or name to transfer to so we can show proof?
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    make a ticket in the Ticket Center. Hopefully they can help ya out. Welcome back...

    make a ticket in the Ticket Center. Hopefully they can help ya out. Welcome back!
  6. BrunoJackson

    What makes MTA:RP different now?

    valhalla lol that brought back some memories hahaa i just want to say thank you for bringing this back and making it a staple in our crazy lives. it has always been a place to come to and relax and converse with others and have a life outside our own. and knowing it will always be available as...
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    Script Update MTA:RP v3.6.2

    these are awesome updates. thank you for putting in the time and effort to all the dev team. Keep on Rockin!
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    Pay2Lose - Thank you for donating, but no.

    How about a really strong hug?
  9. BrunoJackson

    Pay2Lose - Thank you for donating, but no.

    I agree with this 100% Im guilty of not rping when the player level is low sometimes. ill be the first to admit it. BUT! i never escape or try to flee away non rply from someone engaging rp. Glad you brought it to everyone attention! stay safe yall! see ya IG puff puff cheers
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    Script Update MTA:RP v3.6.1.1

    hell yea im gonna check out the update. ive been pretty busy but had some time just now to check everything out.
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    Jackson Enterprises

    Look forward this week to NOW HIRING ADVERTISEMENTS IG!
  13. BrunoJackson

    Jackson Enterprises

    Mission Statement We want to ensure the highest quality workers in the entertainment industry. Jackson Enterprises has noticed a lack of professionalism and decided to jump in and grab ahold of this business opportunity. Jimmie Jackson the Owner and Founder loved going out to parties and events...
  14. BrunoJackson

    Getting Back At It?

    I would love to keep it both nostalgic and playable. many hours spent roleplaying with everyone in this community. its kept me sane irl a lot of times and with the world how it is right now... i think we can all use it in our lives again. Thank You! see you ig
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    (་ ⍸ ་ )

    (་ ⍸ ་ )
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    -Bruno Jackson

    -Bruno Jackson
  17. BrunoJackson

    [AUCTION] - Office & Kart Track

    Name: Jimmie Jackson Contact: 542-392 Bid: 8,000,000
  18. BrunoJackson

    Script Update - May 2018

    cool! thank you!
  19. BrunoJackson

    BrunoJackson Presents: MTA:RP Video Contest

    Contest END Date November 7th 2015 12:00am PST (-8) Contest Theme: "My first 24 hours in Red County" Rules: 1. Must be minimum of 2 minutes in length 2. Must display 4 locations within our server (ie: bank, dmv, hex, bar, police station, gas station, library etc.) 3. Must include a minimum...