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  1. Zander

    Nice Mercedes mod.

    Looks nicer then the current one..
  2. Zander

    Script Update - v3.5.5

    Where new safe system
  3. Zander

    Script Update - v3.5.5

    Nice, cant wait for a new safe system.
  4. Zander

    LV Police car + unmarked cars.

    Im really missing the LV police car. Isnt there a way that the LV police car could get on the streets? Being a cadet in the force and its kinda boring to drive the same car everyday... + The police should get more unmarked cars.. like civilian cars with lights and sirens. Unmarked cars would...
  5. Zander


    Hello After being playing on this server a month I think it really needs more cops in my opinion. When I get up in the morning and join the server like IG 04:00 there are no cops online.. You may spot a cop online for 30 minutes after IG 08:00 but its all. This server needs more cops who are...