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  1. TrojanJustin

    Business License Request - Form

    don't know if this is still a thing as the admin who ran this left the team and don't know who is incharge of it anymore but you normally transfer to "Government of Los Santos" like how you'd transfer to another player.
  2. TrojanJustin

    Miners Union Application - Skyler Jackson

    Surname:Jackson Given Name:Skyler Age:23 Experience: (State your experience) I've work in quarries at the start of my career. Have you ever been arrested? (Check one) [X] Yes - [ ] No. If Yes, why? I can't remember why its been soo long. By submitting your application, you declare that all...
  3. TrojanJustin

    [Accepted] illegal: The Royal Flush

    Faction Name: The Royal Flush Faction Type (Government/Legal/Illegal): illegal Faction Leader's Name: Jace Jackson Do you meet the 300 hour requirement?: Indeed Are you a member of the Roleplay+ Group?: Nope. Have you recently been jailed for any Non-RP? (Within the last Month): Have not...
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    Gotta make that bread

    Gotta make that bread
  5. TrojanJustin

    Ewwwwwwwww its a lazzo that eats children

    Ewwwwwwwww its a lazzo that eats children
  6. TrojanJustin

    [AUCTION] - Office & Kart Track

    Name: Skyler Jackson Contact: 542-392 Bid: I add 2m to Jimmie Jackson bid, making his bid 10m
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    I love this part Asian American Blake..
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    Idk why I'm doing this

    After all the ups and downs am glad to see things turned out great in the end. Thanks for sharing part of your life that none of us would of known.