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  1. Bahey

    Pay2Lose - Thank you for donating, but no.

    Some of you really need a reality check, welcome to my rant thread. Being an admin on MTA:RP is extremely stressful, IF you're doing the job right. People still think you can escape punishment for your wrong actions with donations, and I don't mean anyone in particular. This is an agreed on...
  2. Bahey

    It's Bahey

    I went to college, major Computer Science, so I basically code for a living now, it's all about the grind irl and I really miss it here, i drop by from time to time for a nostalgia trip and it's sweet
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  4. Bahey

    Eight Years - Risen from the dead only to die 10 more times

    I'm up for a nostalgia run
  5. Bahey

    Faction members activity

    I have to admit I'm seeing great progress here :D great job
  6. Bahey

    Script Update - v3.5.5

    not bad
  7. Bahey

    [Auction] Huge gated warehouses (LV)

    Property Auction Meanwhile in the auction house... * Alex Norton steps on the podium as he connects a USB to the projector. * Alex Norton turns the projector on as it shows the first Image saying "Property Auction". [English] Alex Norton: Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the most...
  8. Bahey

    Raising Awareness

    Hello. Firstly, I would like to wish everyone a happy new year and happy holidays, As the new year comes I fear of a disaster that many also fear. What brought me to making this important thread, is something that concerns me and other users, This might concern Every single MTA:RP User and...
  9. Bahey

    [Suggestion] Roleplay Mapping

    New Suggestion/Idea What does it affect? Tick all that apply [X] MTA:RP Gameplay [ ] User Interface [ ] MTA:RP Forums [ ] UCP [ ] Only MTA:RP Staff (Administration Tools) [ ] Other _______________ Please provide a brief summary of your Suggestion/Idea -Well, There's a new...
  10. Bahey

    [FOR SALE] Rooftop Dealership!!

    Location: Right next to the Dockshop near the Docks! Car Limit: Enough to fit over 30 Cars! Owner: Jasmine Harold. Previous Owner: William Black. Additional properties: Comes with a modding garage Containing an ATM And a hired employee to assist with the mechanics, (LOADED NPC WITH SUPPLIES)...